{"time":1643478907549,"blocks":[{"id":"c6XsiG1I3g","type":"header","data":{"text":"Description...","level":3}},{"id":"3pZLqocgPh","type":"header","data":{"text":"Product details of Snail White Gluta Collagen_Plus Soap - 80gm (Thailand)","level":2}},{"id":"FDxI_9Ut2m","type":"list","data":{"style":"unordered","items":["Product: SNAIL WHITE SOAP","Made In Thailand","Snail white soap 10x whitening Authentic Snail white face and body whitening soaps allows your skin to make it bright with gluta and 10x whitening properties.","Peels dead skin cells and nourish your skin.","Snail mucin repairs skin and soothing.","Helps soften and moisturize skin","Reduce acne, wrinkles, freckles and dark spots","Prevent dull skin problems","Nourish skin and increase skin clarity","Inhibit melasma to prevent rough skin or heat from sunlight which regularly","slows the deterioration of skin cells","Helps in revealing radiant skin."]}}],"version":"2.22.2"}